My Moustache by Quinn White

My Moustache
Quinn White
Dancing Girl Press, 2013
23 pp. $6.00 (chapbook)

Reviewed by Daniel O’Conner

This short collection of surreal and humorous poems blisters the mind. Quinn White tantalizes as she beguiles—“I’m a poem of refrigerated pear slices / and you’re a cheeseburger wrapped in foil” is the opening line from “Pear and Cheeseburger”—and challenges the reader to keep up with her lens on the world. White is equally playful with form, and we see poems set within other poems, strips of paper constructed into a poem, a poem vandalized by another person’s handwriting. The result of this constant jockeying with form and content is a cacophony of wondrous lines: “A dog loved a snowman (“The Dog’s Snowman”), “I’m in bed with apples / that aren’t apples, / but mountains up / which creatures scatter” (“Nap with Chapbook”), and “I sketched Tricerafork. I admired Brontospoon. / I moved to Nobel Flatware, read that / laureates cut asparagus with golden knives” (“The Cutlery Exhibit”). In the universe of My Moustache all things are possible.

Buy from the publisher.



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